The Celia Lipton Farris and Victor W. Farris Foundation accepts applications for Palm Beach County grants by invitation only; unsolicited applications will not be considered.

The time frame of the Foundation’s application process is about 3 months.

Application Process

The process includes the submission of an application to the Foundation for funding consideration.  Applications are invited throughout the year.  An invitation to submit an application is not a guarantee or commitment of future funding.

Applicants invited to submit an application, will receive a link via email to the Foundation’s online application form. The application form requests information about the:

  • Need (or problem) to be addressed by the project
  • Targeted population to be served by the project
  • Project approach and design
  • Targeted project accomplishments/outcomes
  • Qualifications of the organization to operate the project
  • Qualifications of any project partners assisting with the delivery of the project
  • Proposed use of Foundation funding to support the project
  • A project budget
  • An evaluation plan, detailing the project's activities and expected outcomes
  • Information regarding project sustainability
Additional information may also be requested.

Review Process

Applications are reviewed by Foundation staff and the Foundation’s Grants Committee. The Foundation’s Grants Committee meets twice each year to review applications. After review and discussion, the Grants Committee decides whether or not to recommend each application to the Foundation’s Board of Trustees for approval.

The Foundation’s Board of Trustees meets twice per year to review funding recommendations. The ultimate decision to approve or deny each application lies solely with the Foundation’s Board of Trustees. Once the Foundation’s Board of Trustees has made its decision, Foundation staff contacts each applicant personally. Written notice of the decision is also sent to all applicants.