The Foundation seeks to learn from projects that push organizations to approach the more challenging questions of access, equity, and engagement. The Foundation will reward creativity, experimentation, and a pioneering spirit.

We are looking for proposals that communicate:

A sense of urgency. The project is timely, rooted in specific behavioral health and organizational challenges, and would be recognized by peer organizations as a top priority.

Readiness for strategic action. Clarity about the role the organization or organizations seek to play in advancing practice. The applicant will use the funding to take meaningful steps toward a long-term vision.

Clear goals and objectives. The project has a strong outcomes and results orientation.

A learning orientation. The project addresses interesting questions about the challenges of the work that are useful to others.

Racial and gender equity. The project makes an explicit effort to address racial and gender equity.

Peer-involvement. The projects are created by or in direct collaboration with people who are labeled with mental health issues or those most impacted by trauma and harmful systems.

Holistic. Frameworks for healing ideally address the whole person (mind, body, and spirit) as well as the broader context in which the person lives.

Make sure to review the eligibility page to check if your organization is a good fit!

For more information about the funding guidelines, click here.