The Foundation seeks to learn from projects that help develop innovative solutions and introduce a new mindset related to building structures and cultures that support staff. The projects must be anchored in present needs and future possibilities. The Fund will reward creativity, experimentation, and clarity about adopting new practices and traditions that build community and strengthen relationships in organizations.

We are looking for proposals that communicate:

Readiness for strategic action. The proposal shows clarity in envisioning the organization’s role in improving staff training, development, and support in the organization or community. The applicant will use the funds to take meaningful steps toward a long-term vision.

Clear goals and objectives. The project has strong outcomes and results in orientation

A learning orientation. The project addresses burning questions about the challenges of the work that are useful to others.

A sense of urgency. The project is timely, rooted in specific organizational challenges, and would be recognized by peer organizations as a top priority.

Racial and gender equity. The project makes an effort to address racial and gender equity.

Coherence and integration. The project helps shape a coherent set of learning opportunities for professional growth. Most projects will not address all staff development and wellness priorities of an organization or coalition, but they should help anchor the broader vision.

Inclusive leadership teams and peer group emphasis. The proposed initiative has clearly defined roles and leadership teams (not comprised of only top management) that guide the change effort and engage others.

Training across organizations. The project supports the development of sustained peer learning communities or a community of practice among peers in different organizations.

An eye toward sustaining the new practices. Applicants recognize the challenges of sustainability such as high staff turnover and plan for leadership continuity, retraining, and other ways to sustain the new systems, expectations, and traditions.

Make sure to review the eligibility page to check if your organization is a good fit!

For more information about the funding guidelines, click here.