Since the infusion of significant assets into the Foundation in 2012, the Foundation has made grants totaling more than $31 million.

The majority of Foundation grants are made at the discretion of the Foundation's Trustees through its Discretionary and Disaster Contingency funding; however, the Foundation also supports Grants Focused on Palm Beach County.

Geographic Focus of Interest to the Foundation

The Foundation's Trustees originally emphasized supporting issue-focused projects centered on communities of importance to Mr. and Mrs. Farris, including Palm Beach County, Florida; Buffalo, New York; and northern New Jersey.  Over the years, they became increasingly interested in supporting geographically-focused projects in communities of particular interest to them including the communities in which they live.  As a result, the Foundation now supports projects in the communities of Palm Beach County, Florida; Erie County, New York; and northern New Jersey, in legacy to Mr. and Mrs. Farris as well as projects in the Trustees' "home" communities of Broward County, Florida; Palm Beach County, Florida; Cumberland County, Maine; Santa Fe County, New Mexico; and Watauga County, North Carolina.

Please note that only 501(c)(3) organizations are Eligible for Foundation funding.

Further, only 501(c)(3) organizations invited to apply will be considered for Foundation funding.